Reimagine Food Debut In The USA

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Reimagine Food, the first worldwide center for disruptive innovation focusing on the future of food, has opened an office in Washington D.C. to make its debut in the USA market.

Reimagine Food’s new branch in the USA will focus on developing the Smart Food Cities project, which explores the impact on society of the rise of technology applied to food.

“According to the UN, up to 85% of the population will live in large cities by 2050,” explained Marius Robles, CEO and cofounder of Reimagine Food. “Terms such as sustainable cities, vertical agriculture, digital farm and nano-farms will be increasingly common. Urban agriculture will become widespread and adopt new forms in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. Citizens will become the new food players, getting to produce up to 40% of our dietary and food requirements at home, besides generating a marketplace with what we are able to cook”.

Reimagine Food USA will also approach some of humanity’s key challenges regarding food. “We want to analyze the role that disruptive technology can play in reducing food waste and combatting obesity,” explains Robles. To this end, the company is already building strategic partnerships with institutions like the Inter-American Development Bank and Georgetown University, among others, whilst also strengthening its synergies with Singularity University.

Washington D.C. was chosen because of its potential as an innovation hub, due to the high concentration of investors, foundations, think tanks, businessmen and technology disruptors. It is also one of the US cities that has attracted more innovative companies in recent years, and has become established as the best city for entrepreneurship in the USA in 2015 and 2016.

The new premises, located in one of Washington D.C.’s most dynamic districts, will also aim to become an incubator and identifier of new and disruptive business models linked to food that can be exported throughout the world.

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