Award-Winning Freshness Card Innovation Aims To Reduce Food Waste

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Nature’s Frequencies, the innovator behind the Food Freshness Card™, has been awarded the Grand Prix 1st Runner Up for Best Invention International and Domestic at INPEX, America’s largest invention show.

The Food Freshness Card is a revolutionary product that helps to keep food fresher for longer. The team at Nature’s Frequencies have had the product independently laboratory tested which has shown that they increase the life of many fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, and breads.

The card is super simple to use. Place the laminated square card either in the fridge, in a bread box or in a fruit bowl; basically anywhere that contains fresh produce. As long as the laminated hologram remains intact, the Food Freshness Card™ will last approximately one year and will help to keep foods within a four-foot radius fresher. Detailed information about the inner workings and technology behind the card has not yet been released but is currently patent pending.

The inventors behind the device as “programmed with a myriad of electromagnetic waves and frequencies that are designed to delay the growth of mould (fungi) and bacteria that can feed on and decompose food. When the Food Freshness Card™ is placed in the area of the food (approximately a four-foot radius), the card can delay the growth of these organisms, thus keeping the food fresher longer.”

Nature’s Frequencies is currently running a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. There will be a limited supply of the cards available as part of the campaign where backers can support the innovation and receive 20% off the retail price.

Nature’s Frequencies believes that proposed measures to curtail the enormous food waste issues should focus heavily on preventing discarding food in the first place. Because their company works with cutting-edge technologies, they were confident they could find a solution that would prevent early spoilage and assist in keeping many fresh foods just that… fresher for longer.

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