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World Foods Spicy Snacks That Pack a Punch

Cofresh is the UK’s best-selling purveyor of British-style Indian snacks. They’re crunchy, texturally complex concoctions that involve ingredients such as fried noodles, roasted peanuts, flaked rice and spicy chickpeas.

You’ve probably seen Cofresh’s simple italicised logo at countless supermarkets without ever guessing the continent-spanning story behind the brand.

Snacks with an Exotic Tale

The company was started by an Indian couple from Nairobi. Their tale starts when they fled Kenya in 1974 to escape the country’s rapidly-declining political situation.

After arriving in Leicester, they bought a fish and chip shop and used the frying machines to turn out piles of Indian snacks.

Over the following five decades, the family traded up again and again. Eventually they reached their current state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, which was inaugurated by the Duke of York and HRH Prince Andrew.

Today, Cofresh makes over 200 varieties of spicy snacks, including everything from the ubiquitous Bombay mix to breakfast cereal bars. We’re particularly fond of their spicy chickpeas. One serving of this crispy snack contains 20 grams of protein, 5 grams of fibre, and not a whit of artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Kids will love their zesty flavour and fun shape, which little hands can easily grab. Best of all, at about £1 for a 100 gram bag. They’re less than half the price of the Starbucks-sanctioned Hippeas brand of the same snack.

Chickpea crisps are a hip and happening thing right now, but Cofresh has been making them since before they were cool.

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