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Trick or Treat Swaps Healthier Halloween Sweets – Without the Added Sugar

If you’re stocking up on Halloween treats it can often be difficult to find healthy alternatives that the kids won’t turn their noses up to.

We want kids to enjoy their trick-or-treating, but we don’t want to ruin their teeth in the process. Thankfully there are alternatives that are not only tasty but also make for healthier Halloween sweets.

YumEarth Lollipops

Lollipops have long been a popular trick or treat gift. They’re easy to hand out, long-lasting and kids love them. Unfortunately, this hard candy actually causes the most dental damage of all sweets.

Luckily YumEarth have brought us their organic Vitamin C pops. These are made with 100% natural sugars, flavours and fruit extracts. The brand’s products contain no artificial flavours, colours or corn syrup, are gluten free and suitable for vegans. They’re also free from the top eight allergens, making them safe for almost all the little trick-or-treaters that may pass by.

These pops are available in lots of mouth-watering flavours. Choose from pomegranate pucker, strawberry smash, mango tango, very very cherry, and more. There are even sour pops available for kids that love to have a sweet and sour party in their mouths. Even the packaging by YumEarth is sustainable! The packaging factory is 100% powered by wind-generated energy.

Although they aren’t cheap, a pack will go a long way. These pops are a top choice for healthy and safe eating for kids with allergies. Order your YumEarth pops online at Better Little Treats, Amazon, or Goodness Direct. They cost around £9 for 40 lollipops.

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