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Trick or Treat Swaps Halloween Treats Without the Gore

Halloween is one of the most exciting parts of autumn, especially for kids. With spooky decorations, dressing up and trick-or-treating, there are so many fun activities to bring the whole family together.

However along with the fun stuff, there can be a gloomy side to the celebrations. Halloween brings with it a tonne of sugar in a variety of forms, filling up the buckets and tummies of our little monsters. We want kids to enjoy themselves, but we don’t want to encourage them to eat loads of sweets. Sugary hard and soft sweets can cause damage to the teeth of our little ones in the form of decay. They also don’t provide much by way of nutrition.

Halloween can be a time to delight in a bit of horror. However if you’d rather skip the gore this year, you could try these healthier and cruelty-free sweeties from Biona. Suitable for even the most squeamish of trick or treaters!

Biona Chewy Sweets

Sustainable brand Biona has a huge range of organic, chewy sweets. Biona uses raw cane sugar so should still be consumed in moderation, but they provide a healthier alternative to things like Haribo, Jelly Babies and Chewits. Choose from Tutti Frutti Wine Gums, Cola Bottles, Jelly Bears and much more. Their products contain no artificial colours or flavours. There are also gluten, wheat, nuts, lactose and yeast-free options.

Another great thing about Biona chewy sweets is that they are gelatin and cruelty free, with many of them suitable for vegans. By contrast, most mainstream chewy sweets contain gelatin, made from boiling animal skin, cartilage and bones.

All ingredients used in Biona’s confectionery are 100% traceable and produced using sustainable farming methods, free from pesticides and herbicides. You can buy your organic Biona chewy sweets in most whole food stores. They’re also online at Goodness Direct or Amazon for around £2.20 per 100g.

Keep an eye out for more healthy trick or treat alternatives for Halloween in the rest of this series in the coming weeks.

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