Inspiration Series A to Z Food Waste

Food waste is a global issue that affects us all. Discover the issues and some potential solutions to this enormous topic, letter by letter.

A for Agriculture

Almost 30% of the world’s land for agriculture is used annually to grow or farm food that will eventually be wasted. What a tragic statistic!

E for Energy

Every time that we waste food we also waste the valuable energy and other resources used to produce it. Can our planet afford that?

M for Meat Pies

Classic British meat pies taste great! Next time you leftover meat, chicken or sausage, whip up a gravy sauce, throw in some veg and wrap in pastry. Yum!

Q for Quinoa

Quinoa is a popular and powerfully nutritious alternative to rice and other grains. Often leftover at the end of meals, it's great in a range of dishes.

U for Utilise

Utilise the food in your fridge and larder practically and effectively, so in the end there's almost nothing that goes to waste.

Y for Yoghurt

An insane amount of yoghurt is thrown away every year. Store yoghurt at the back of the fridge and use it up before it passes it's used by date.