Inspiration Series A to Z Food Waste

Food waste is a global issue that affects us all. Discover the issues and some potential solutions to this enormous topic, letter by letter.

A for Agriculture

Almost 30% of the world’s land for agriculture is used annually to grow or farm food that will eventually be wasted. What a tragic statistic!

E for Energy

Every time that we waste food we also waste the valuable energy and other resources used to produce it. Can our planet afford that?

M for Meat Pies

Classic British meat pies taste great! Next time you leftover meat, chicken or sausage, whip up a gravy sauce, throw in some veg and wrap in pastry. Yum!

Q for Quinoa

Quinoa is a popular and powerfully nutritious alternative to rice and other grains. Often leftover at the end of meals, it's great in a range of dishes.

U for Utilise

Utilise the food in your fridge and larder practically and effectively, so in the end there's almost nothing that goes to waste.