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Good nutrition is important throughout a person’s lifetime, but there’s no moment more crucial than childhood – which can make mealtime stressful for busy parents! Many resort to kid-sized ready-meals — think Lunchables or Tesco’s Little Dish — but these mostly still contain some additives or preservatives.

Even childcare guru Annabel Karmel’s branded frozen ready-meals contain unhealthy levels of sugar and saturated fat. Luckily, there’s a new company in town that’s bringing the tenets of nutritional science and sustainable sourcing to kids’ food: Wild Child Kitchen.

Fresh and Frozen Meals

In their picturesque kitchen near Battersea Park, Wild Child Kitchen’s team of chefs and nutritionists turn out meals that stray far from the chicken-nuggets-and-chips routine of restaurant kids’ menus. Each dish is precisely calibrated to children’s nutritional needs, not to mention their persnickety palates. Who wouldn’t love lamb meatballs in a rich tomato sauce (that’s secretly packed with roasted veggies) or shepherd’s pie topped with an intricately-piped, carrot-yellow crust?

For dessert, there’s a full line of sweets made without refined sugar, including jammy chia bars and banana-oat ‘mookies’. The ingredients are almost all organic, sustainable, and seasonal. There’s not a speck of nuts, gluten, or dairy anywhere.  Making it perfect for any little ones with allergies.

Some of these meals are destined for London nurseries that hire Wild Child Kitchen. They supply their lunches and snacks, while others will be personally delivered to homes around the city. The meals arrive at your door wrapped in plant-based, biodegradable packaging. An optional cool box can keep food chilled for up to five hours. In other words, they’ve thought of every detail. Leaving you free to focus on all the other small worries of parenting.

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