Did someone say CAKE?

Product Did Someone Say CAKE?

Going vegan doesn’t have to mean bidding farewell to your favourite sweet treats.

The UK is home to dozens of vegan bakeries, all designing desserts that satisfy both the strictest of diets and the most discriminating of palates. In Lincolnshire, your best bet is Did someone say CAKE?, a one-woman operation (with help from mum and hubby) that’s putting the pleasure back in plant-based.

Katie Jones, the aforementioned one woman behind the show, has classical patisserie training and a passion for perfection. That’s why she uses all high-quality, totally vegan ingredients, including pure coconut sugar, local British honey, and organic chocolate from the UK producer Montezuma. She combines these ingredients into creative yet comforting concoctions like Millionaire’s Shortbread (biscuits topped with caramel sauce and chocolate — rich as a millionaire) and Billionaire’s Brownies (even richer).

Gluten-Free Brownies

Our favourite is her gluten-free Virtuous Brownie, which uses coconut flour in place of wheat. Despite the ‘virtuous’ name, these brownies taste at least as decadent as the original. The box even comes with a disclaimer: ‘don’t blame the baker if you polish it off in one sitting!’

Ms. Jones sells her brownies and other treats out of a cute branded gazebo at the Lincoln Farmers’ Market and other events in the area. You can also pick up a piece at shops around Lincolnshire, including The Book Fayre, Abbey Parks Farm Shop, and Sylv’s Coffee Shop. If you’re after like a larger quantity of cake for a party or wedding, you can hire Ms. Jones to serve it out of her own gazebo!

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