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If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the sweets section of health food stores, you’ve seen your fair share of whole-food concoctions.

There’s no shortage of sweet bars, bites, and balls, all purporting to deliver superfood levels of fiber and antioxidants. Those nutritional claims may be true, but there’s one problem with that bar-bite-ball trifecta: they just won’t let you forget that they’re health food. This can defeat the purpose of trying to supplement your kids’ nutrition with sneaky puddings.

Kids don’t care about nutrition tables — they want real cakes and biscuits that look as good as they taste. Something like a Seed and Sage brownie, perhaps?

Healthy Yummies

Seed and Sage are doing their best to be the whole-food bakery the world is waiting for. They transform nutritious ingredients such as sunflower seeds, flax, dates and teff into decadently delicious treats that are neither balls nor bites.

We have a special fondness for their brownies, which get their chocolatey richness from ground cacao and come in delicately-flavoured raspberry and orange varieties. They also have a peerlessly moist banana bread and a date-based salted caramel cake.

Though you’d be hard-pressed to guess, none of the varieties contain a molecule of gluten, refined sugar, or artificial additives.

You can buy Seed and Sage sweets in individually-packaged servings, perfect for lunch box surprises, or as 15-piece traybakes. Try picking up a tray for your next party or PTA meeting to cement your status as the coolest parent in town.

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