Rebelicious Sauces

Product Rebelicious Sauces: Making Food for Babies – and Parents – Taste Great

Long before Heinz, Gerber, and their ilk began peddling tinned purees and powdered gruels, babies of weaning age typically ate whatever the rest of the family was eating, mashed or chopped into manageable bits.

This older method of feeding is one of the central tenets of baby-led weaning, in which parents skip spoon-fed mush and instead present babies with a balanced array of finger-friendly foods that the whole family shares. Baby-led weaning is a great way to introduce young palates to new flavours. Sometimes however it can be a challenge to find foods that both parents and children can enjoy equally.

Cornwall parents Ottilia and Barry discovered as much when they tried the method with their own daughter. Their solution was to create Rebelicious Sauces, a line of prepared, cook-in sauces that make anything taste delicious.

Healthy and Convenient

Rebelicious Sauces swathe whatever you serve, from potatoes and chicken to penne and chickpeas, in a blanket of fresh, vibrant flavour.

They currently offer two versatile varieties: Roasted Pepper & Tomato and Karmic Korma. Both varieties contain only all-natural ingredients, many of which are locally sourced in Cornwall. There’s no added sugar or salt — making them ideal for babies’ dietary needs.

You can buy Rebelicious Sauces individually, or sign up for a subscription service. Whichever you choose it’ll ensure that you and baby are never without your daily dose of deliciousness.

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