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Gives Back With ‘Buy One, Give One’ Business Model

Onist is all about dessert that makes you feel good. Their avocado choc pots are made with only six ingredients (avocados, dates, cashew nuts, cocoa powder, mineral water, lime juice and other natural flavourings), contain 40% fruit, and are loaded with good stuff like fibre and potassium.

All four flavours – dark chocolate, mint chocolate, chocolate orange, and salted caramel chocolate – are gluten and dairy free, and perfect for vegans. Made with only Fairtrade and organic ingredients, each pot rings in at just 200 nutritionally-rich calories.

Founder Mary Lynch is a registered nutritionist who has worked for clients like Jamie Oliver. You can trust that what you’re getting in each bite is only the best, for both your body and your taste buds.

And as if that wasn’t tempting enough already, Onist has sweetened the deal even further with an ethical business that operates a ‘buy one, give one’ model. Working in partnership with the charity Pandys, Onist donates proceeds from every pot sold towards purchasing a healthy breakfast for a child in The Gambia.

By doing so, Lynch hopes to make a difference in the food industry by shedding more light on the global food supply chain, particularly the plight of farmers in developing countries – many of whom are counted among the world’s poorest.

To get your feel-good sweet fix, find Onist in stores in Oxford and London. A full list of stockists is available here , and for those who prefer to buy in bulk, you can order through Onist online and get them shipped frozen to your door – perfect for whenever a chocolate craving hits.

Or if you’re already an Onist fan, why not try their Mint Chocolate Brownie recipe.

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