Nuoi Foods

Product Nuoi Foods

With the creation of Nuoi Foods, 21 year old twins Lauren and Sophie want to inspire the world to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle using delicious, all-natural food products. Packed with all the goodness of nature, Nuoi Foods is introducing to the market a range of organic nut butters that are sugar, palm oil, gluten and dairy free.

Motivated by the limited choices of nut butter on the British market compared to many other countries around the world, the sisters developed a range of mouth-wateringly unique flavours such as Raspberry and White Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Vanilla Espresso, Pecan Pie and Choco Nut to name a few.  What great alternatives to traditional peanut butters!

The name ‘Nuoi’ derives from Vietnam where it means to feed, nourish and nurture. The sisters were enthused by foreign food culture, in particular the Vietnamese cuisine and way of life. By specialising in sustainability, nutrition and flavour, they hope to eventually revolutionise the way people view and eat nut butter.

Every single jar of Nuoi nut butter is made with all natural ingredients including nuts, seeds, organic fruit powder, raw vegan chocolate and raw coconut flesh. The products are now stocked at a number of food markets, vegan retail stores, wholesalers and food events around the country.

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