Product Lickalix

When summer finally comes around, there’s nothing more satisfying than a sweet frozen treat.

Often a glance at the wrapper of your chosen ice cream or lolly might make the experience a little less relaxing. A lot of packaged frozen desserts on the market are chock-full of sugar, saturated fats, stabilisers and other additives.

Karis and Dominic Gesua, a food-loving couple from London, noticed the same problem. So they started Lickalix, a company that aims to capture everything you love about ice lollies with none of the nasties.

Natural, Organic Goodness

Lickalix freezes natural, organic fruits and other ingredients into dozens of creative varieties, from watermelon and mint, to (virgin) Bloody Mary, to good old chocolate. Every variety is just as bright and vibrant as an ice lolly should be. And not a lick of artificial flavour or colour. Plus, they keep ethics and the environment in mind at every stage of production.

All the produce is sources from local farms and wholesalers. Even the scraps that can’t go into the lollies (peels, hulls, and the like) don’t go to waste. They donate their fruit leftovers to a group of pigs at the local city farm, who enjoy them immensely.

To get your own taste of a Lickalix lolly, you can buy a box online or follow the Lickalix truck to events around the UK. Find out where the truck will pop up next via Facebook.

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