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You may have thought about buying organic during your pregnancy. After all, there’s evidence to suggest that dangerous chemicals involved in conventionally-grown produce can be harmful to foetuses. There’s even more evidence advising that organic products are better for the environment.

If you’re looking to push your organic shopping cart past food and into clothing, a great place to start is Frugi. This UK-based company turns organic cotton into stylish, versatile clothing. Their designs will carry you through your pregnancy into nursing and beyond.

Ethical Maternity Wear

Frugi started out with two Cornish parents who wanted to find clothes that could fit over their baby’s bulky cloth nappies. They happened to be pretty good at making their own comfy clothes. Soon they set their sights on solving even more baby-related issues with their cloth-based engineering.

Many of their pieces designed for mothers involve some clever converting tricks. The Eider dress, for example, is an elegant wrap-around number. It includes bodice drapery that separates to reveal a discreet nursing panel. Their jumpers have long slits up the sides that make for easy, cosy feedings. Everything comes in cute, cheery prints. With pink stripes, rainbow-spotted swans and flower fields, they’ll keep you feeling chipper all through maternity madness!

Best of all, you can keep that warm and fuzzy feeling even once you’ve looked into Frugi’s corporate ethics. The clothes are not made in the UK, but Frugi carefully regulates their Indian factories. They also donate a percentage of their profits to a nearby orphanage, to Kicks Count children’s charity and to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. It all makes that soft, organic cotton feel even better.

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