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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: babies don’t have to eat bland food!

Expose your children to varied, global flavours early and often. This is the best way to set your kids up for a lifetime of healthy, open-minded eating.

Of course, not everyone has the leisure to go out and discover the world’s most delicious dishes for your baby to try. If you’re strapped for time, try starting your baby’s global food journey with for aisha. This ethically-sourced, authentic global cuisine contains only natural ingredients, bringing joy to the littlest of tummies.

Exotic Flavour Baby Food

for aisha was founded in 2015 by Mark Salter, a food industry expert and health enthusiast.

Within a year, for aisha was the biggest halal baby food brand in the world, for many reasons. First is their dedication to sourcing high-quality, ethical and tayyab (pure) ingredients. Their delicious recipes are another. Some of their current offerings include lamb shepherd’s pie, Jamaican jerk chicken and a Moroccan-style tagine with couscous, chicken, and apricots.

They even have ‘tray meals’ for babies over 10 months which are are perfect for kids who are learning how to chew. These Stage 3 meals come in delectable varieties such as green bean and lamb curry. For all the world these little tray meals look like a delicious take-away.

In fact, founder Mark Salter claims he eats for aisha food every day and suggests that other adults should do the same. That might just be the truest test of a baby food’s deliciousness!

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