Eco For Life

Product Eco for Life – a Plastic Water Bottle You Can Be Proud to Carry!

Environmentally-conscious production company, Eco For Life, make water bottles from plants. They look and feel like a plastic bottle but are instead made from a bioplastic which is 100% plant-based.

The bottles are produced from polylactic acid, or PLA for short. PLA is a brilliant and sustainable material. It can be made from any sugar-based crop, such as corn, which Eco For Life are currently using. Corn regrows every year, so production doesn’t put too much strain on the environment.

PLA is also 100% compostable in industrial composting facilities. While you can’t throw an Eco For Life bottle on your home compost heap, the fact that this product comes from nature and returns to nature is a big plus.

If one of these bottles ends up in the regular rubbish, it won’t biodegrade as it requires specific composting conditions to do so. But unlike regular plastic bottles, Eco for Life bottles don’t leach harmful chemicals into the environment.

Not Just a Better Afterlife, Production Is Greener, Too!

Over time, plastic bottles release chemicals which can change the taste of our drinks. These chemicals could also be harmful to health. There’s no such worry with bottles from Eco for Life. Because the source material is 100% plant-based, these bottles can be safely used over and over again.

The emissions for Eco For Life bottles are a whopping 60% less than the emissions for standard plastic bottle production. What a genius approach to the mounting plastic problem!

The clever design and eco-conscious production process has also seen Eco For Life win awards. They’ve scooped two wins at The Observer and Gazette Business Awards in the Innovation and Green Business categories so far.

Are you thirsty for more Eco for Life information? Have a listen to this episode of the Good Foodies podcast to hear how these eco innovators are making waves in the fight against plastic pollution.

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