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Is there anything more comforting than hot chocolate? Perhaps you remember taking solace in steaming cups after chilly childhood days ice skating or sledging.

However, you might think twice before using instant cocoa to revive those memories with your own child; a typical packet contains calcium carbonate (i.e. chalk), dipotassium phosphate (a fertiliser), and hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fats), among other unpleasant additives. There’s a better — and equally convenient — way to give your child a sweet winter treat: Cocoa Delicious chocolate stirrers.

Self-taught chocolatière Laura Cotton started Cocoa Delicious in 2013 as an effort to elevate her favourite drink. Inspired by the Belgian version of the beverage, which involves whisking chocolate shavings into hot milk, she hit upon the idea of molding chocolate onto the ends of wooden spoon-shaped ‘stirrers’.

Chocolate Stirrers

The stirrers come in a menagerie of clever shapes, from hearts and flowers to caterpillars and bumblebees. There’s even a kid-sized stirrer for those rare children with a limited appetite for chocolate. All of the chocolate comes from the century-old Belgian company Callebaut, which is dedicated to sustainable production and ethical trade.

To transform a Cocoa Delicious stirrer into a comforting drink, one merely submerges the spoon in a cup of hot milk until the chocolate melts. The process takes slightly longer than tearing open a packet, but that’s part of the point.

Hot chocolate ‘should be an event’, writes Cotton, ‘a step away from normality and reality’. It’s that kind of passion that ensures her hot chocolate is way better than the stuff of your ice-rink memories.

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