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Product Bulb Energy: Lighting up Our Lives with Green Energy

We all want to do our part to ensure we are as kind to the environment as can be. So if you’re searching for ways to be more planet-friendly at home whilst saving money, look no further. One of the greatest ways to helps is by using renewable energy. In the past this was difficult and prohibitively expensive but that’s no longer the case.

Bulb Energy are one of the new kids on the energy block who are “making energy simpler, greener and cheaper”. Providing 100% renewable energy and 10% renewable gas, Bulb’s dual fuel prices are among some of the cheapest nationwide. This proves that renewable energy doesn’t have to be a luxury. Now it’s possible to go green and cut your bills at the same time.

With the Big Six energy companies offering poor customer service, outrageous prices and of course, unsustainable non-renewable energy, there’s no better time to seek a new provider.

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Making the Switch, at the Flick of a Switch

Started in 2015, the popularity of Bulb Energy has been on the increase and they now supply 1% of the market. Without TV ads and billboards, this has all been through word of mouth, social media and referrals. They make things simple by offering one variable tariff, to both dual fuel and electricity-only households. It’s simple to switch and there are no sneaky exit fees.

In a 2018 uSwitch survey, customers rated the provider on customer service, value for money and ease of switching. Bulb Energy scored five out of five stars. And there are endless positive reviews from new and old Bulb customers. Your monthly bill comes via email and there is an easy to use app which you can use to check your balance and usage and to submit meter readings.

By using Bulb Energy, you alone can save 1.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. This is equal to planting 655 trees. If you make the switch, you get £50 off your first bill with this referral code (The Food Rush HQ is powered by Bulb and we’ll also get a discount off our next bill if you use our referral code).

In addition you will continue to save both money and the environment!

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