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Product Bellota Baby

Raw, organic ‘superfoods’ are popping up all over the grown-up culinary world, from high-end restaurants to convenience store snack aisles. With the skyrocketing popularity of these products, you’d think that there’d be a bustling market for similarly healthy baby food.

Believe it or not, there’s currently only one supplier in all of the United Kingdom (as far as we know) making unpasteurised, totally organic foods for a future generation of gourmands: London’s own Bellota Baby.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, shelf-stable baby food in a dusty pouch. Bellota uses no preservatives or other additives, so their purees, smoothies, and snacks are intended to be eaten soon after they leave the Bellota kitchen. It’s just as if you cooked up all your baby’s food by yourself, but without all the work of shopping and chopping and stewing.

Bellota sources the kind of high-quality produce that you’d be hard-pressed to find in your local supermarket aisles. They use only sustainably grown, GMO-free, totally organic ingredients, right down to their herbs and spices.

With such an impressive list of ingredients, you might be tempted to swipe a spoonful of your baby’s Bellota meals. Anyone who’s tried this with supermarket purees knows that it’s rarely a pleasant experience, but Bellota baby food is refreshingly tasty. To prepare babies’ palates for ‘grown-up’ food, Bellota cooks up delicious dishes like butternut squash & creamed coconut puree (a ringer for butternut bisque), fresh fruit smoothies, and even sweet potato brownies.

The only drawback is that so far they only have a handful of products to try, and online delivery options are limited to certain areas of London. However you can also find Bellota products at farmers’ markets around the capital.

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