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We’ve all met a picky kid who refuses to eat a bite of even the brightest, freshest, most inviting vegetables. Often, that aversion extends well into adulthood, leading to unhealthy habits that are hard to break.

If you want your kids to develop a palate for vibrant, varied food, it’s a great idea to start them young. According to a 2016 study, babies whose first solid foods include a wide variety of flavours grow up to enjoy the same flavours in later childhood. That includes the relatively bitter veg that are the most common triggers of childhood pickiness, like broccoli and kale. Many baby food companies avoid including these altogether, so as to better appeal to kids.

Exciting Baby Food

One exception is Babease, a small company based in London that’s on a quest to make the most nutritious and exciting baby food possible.

Babease packs their products with the full spectrum of flavours that the earth can provide. You’ll find both broccoli and kale, as well as butternut squash, beetroot, bananas, brown rice. There’s loads of other wholesome ingredients – many of which are organic or locally sourced.

Your baby can enjoy these creative combinations all through his or her weaning period, thanks to the simple, stage-based Babease Baby Plan.

Stage 1 includes smooth, slightly sweet purees that are perfect for your baby’s first solid foods.

Stage 2 meals are more savoury and textured — in other words, more like big kid food. These include combinations such as Thai coconut curry and Pumpkin and chickpea mild masala.  After polishing off the Stage 2 meals your baby will be ready for a lifetime of open-minded eating .

If only we could start the picky adults in our acquaintance on the Babease plan!

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