The Roadery

Hidden Gem The Roadery: Nose to Tail British Street Food in Eco Takeaway Containers

The Roadery serve nose to tail food from the hatch of their classic 1979 blue Renault van. Using ethically farmed British produce and forgotten cuts of meat, they’re proving that all parts of an animal are delicious. They’re also purveyors of wild foraged ingredients and use these to bring unique, vibrant, innovative dishes to the streets of London, festivals and private events.

As well as ethical food, The Roadery have a responsible approach to sustainability as a whole. Founder and chef Dan Shearman explains. “It’s the number one priority across everything we serve and the way we operate our business”. They think about everything, from separating food waste to recycling their cardboard waste. Even their takeaway containers are eco friendly.

Breaking Away from the Plastic Takeaway

Plastic takeaway containers and other single use plastic food packaging contribute to the 12 million tonnes of waste that enters landfill and the oceans each year. This mountain of non-recycled rubbish is causing irreversible damage.

In our fast-paced society, convenience comes first for most consumers. So that’s why it’s up to retailers to start making a change.

The Roadery has become part of that change. They only use packaging and cutlery made from 100% biodegradable plant starch. Many festivals and food markets now insist that traders use compostable takeaway packaging, and Shearman believes this is a positive step towards the future.

Find The Roadery at various London markets and summer festivals. Their delectable nose to tail dishes are a must-try!

Choose from ox tongue tacos, pig cheek buns and dry-cured ox heart salads. Even better, you can eat them from environmentally friendly containers. What an inspiration!

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