Mum2Mum Market

Hidden Gem Mum2Mum Market

Bringing mummies under one roof – bargain hunt or turn your clutter into cash at a Mum2Mum Market near you.

As mothers, we all have things our babies no longer need that are cluttering up our lofts and cupboards. Then, as they grow, up pops a new endless list of things they need and want. It’s a relentless cycle of chaos and cost that doesn’t let up until they leave home!

The Hassle Free Baby and Children’s Market

Enter the Mum2Mum Market. It’s a pop up, nearly new baby and children’s market which takes the hassle and expense out of buying and selling! Whether you’re a shrewd mother looking to grab a bargain, a mummy-to-be in desperate need of a pram, or an exasperated mum wanting rid of all the too-small clothes and forgotten toys cluttering up your house, the award winning Mum2Mum Market is the place for mums to sell to mums.

For the seller, there’s none of the agitation that comes with selling online; no photographs to be taken or inventory lists to be made. No bidding wars, time wasters or waiting to be paid. Simply book a stall for £12-25 and let the decluttering begin. You’ll be given tips on pricing and presentation and at the end of day keep 100% of your profits.

Buying at a Mum2Mum Market is equally as rewarding! Unlike sites like eBay or Gumtree, you actually get to see the product before you fork out the cash for it so you know you’ll get what you’ve paid for. Plus you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of high street prices with no delivery charge on top. It’s simply quick, easy, face-to-face shopping. Check it out for preloved clothes, high chairs, buggies, car seats, bikes; the choice of quality equipment is endless.

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