Castle Climbing Centre

Hidden Gem Get on Top of Sustainability at the Castle Climbing Centre Garden

Centred on education and biodiversity, the Castle Garden is an inspiring project on sustainability.

The garden of the Castle Climbing Centre in North London grew from a vision that began back in 2009. It’s now a thriving passion project that seeks to highlight the effects of our carbon footprint. With the goal of reducing our environmental impact on the world, the garden sets an encouraging example of how to do so.

Built using recycled materials, the Castle Garden is a one acre space devoted to wildlife, organically grown produce and compost sites. It also serves as an accessible and approachable educational space. There are numerous recycling projects operating daily; the trees are fed by waste-water from the showers for instance, and the rainwater is harvested from the roof! There are even functional beehives and wormeries on site.

Sustainable Café

Perhaps most significant is the Castle Garden’s link with the Castle Café. Since food accounts for a third of our carbon footprint, the garden provides the café with a substantial amount of garden grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. This means the café can continue to produce organic salads and herbal teas without the food miles, packaging or harsh chemicals.

Want to get involved? People participation is all part of the ethos of the garden. Volunteers are most welcome and there are mini plots available for the local community to tend – perfect for those unable to get an allotment in London!

Numerous events and workshops are also offered throughout the year. There’s the Castle Garden Winter Warmer and sustainable beekeeping training during the summer. There’s even a Castle Garden After School Club for 7-13 year olds. Children are immersed in garden activities that encourage them to learn whilst exploring.

Why not pay them a visit soon?

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