avocado ice cream

Ethical Avo look at This Avocado Ice Cream!

There’s no other treat quite like ice cream. Eating it directly from the tub is a film-on-the-sofa ritual for many a sweet-toothed foodie.

Finding a good dairy-free or vegan alternative can be difficult. So when we heard about Fravocado we were really excited.

Founder Becky Osborne created the ice cream after the birth of her son meant she became unable to eat dairy products. Becky grew up by the seaside and had always been a big ice cream fan, so she knows a good ice cream when she tastes one!

avocado ice cream

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Allergen Free Ice Cream!

Having loved ice cream for so long, Becky was reluctant to give it up. So reluctant was she that she set about making her own alternative at home.

Suitable for vegans and allergen free, Fravocado comes in three delicious flavours. Choose from Raspberry & Basil Swirl, Raw Cacao and the original Avocado & Coconut.

Each flavour is made from completely plant-based ingredients. They’re all packed with goodness and are naturally low in sugar thanks to the use of agave syrup as a sweetener.

Avocado ice cream has a naturally creamy texture. It definitely compares well to traditional ice creams and the coconut milk keeps it dairy free.

If, like us, you can’t wait to try this delicious ice cream, you’ll find it in Whole Foods and many cafes and restaurants nationwide.

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