A to Z V for Value

Simply recognising the value of food is often enough to reduce a large amount of food waste.

With producers losing food all along the chain through storage and transport, retailers throwing ‘imperfect’ items away and consumers binning a large proportion of what they buy, food waste has become a massive global issue.

The trouble is, a large percentage of the population doesn’t even realise. There’s almost a billion people starving in the world while a huge proportion of valuable food and resources is wasted.

Food waste should receive more attention than it’s currently getting. In the developed world, food is so readily available that retailers, establishments and consumers alike will over-purchase and throw away food without a second thought about the consequences.

Value Food More

With education and awareness campaigns, people can learn to value food to a greater degree and therefore waste less. A change needs to happen – at all levels and across the world. We need a stronger sense of responsibility and heightened awareness about the population and the environment.

If people join together and actively attempt to reduce the amount of food wasted, we could help reduce the harm caused by global issues such as climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, hunger and malnutrition, energy and water waste and much more.

The I Value Food online campaign for example, is sharing ideas across social media and on their website. You can even take a quiz to see how much food you throw away on a daily basis, as well as tips and articles on how to use up leftovers, how to compost and zero waste cooking.

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