A to Z H for Hunger

How is it that in 2017 there are over 800 million people starving in the world? Not only that, but this number is rising every day. Believe it or not, excessive consumption in developed countries and the huge amount of food that gets wasted has a knock on effect, making it harder for poor people to eat.

There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone. When the developed world is prepared to pay higher prices, and buys more than they need, the developing world can’t afford their share. Yes, this is about poverty, but it’s mainly about inequality.

With the global population rising, the need to produce more food is becoming an unavoidable issue. However, if we can limit the amount of food wasted globally, this can reduce the need to make more food by up to 60%. Lowering the amount of food wasted will help stop hunger by increasing supplies, meaning food prices decrease.

There are many ideas and solutions to try and reduce the amount of food wasted around the world, and therefore improve the hunger situation. These include investment in better food storage technology, revising the date labels printed on goods, making supermarkets stock imperfect fresh produce, and better education on shopping and storing for consumers.

Another solution is donating and redistributing surplus or unwanted food to those in need in local areas. For example, producers of food can donate imperfectly shaped produce to the poor and hungry instead of simply dumping them. On the other end of the chain, supermarkets, restaurants and households can contribute unwanted, out of date or surplus goods to charities, food banks and those in need. This reduces waste and helps feed those who are going hungry.

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