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Zero Waste Week Aims To Use It Up

Today marks the first day of the Zero Waste Week international campaign. The week-long awareness campaign aims to reduce the amount of landfill from general purpose household goods and refuse as well as food waste.

The annual campaign takes place in September from the first Monday in the month. In 2016 that’s from Monday the 5th September until Sunday 11th September.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Use It Up” encouraging people to use all their food before they waste it and throw it out.

The campaign gives a load of tips on how households can take part in the campaign:

  • Take a food audit of everything that you throw away – understanding your own habits will reveal where you need to change behaviours
  • Say no to BOGOF – while Buy One Get One Free offers feel good on the purse they often lead to additional food thrown in the bin
  • Cook the right amount – learn how to control portions so nothing is left over and wasted
  • Shop in your cupboards – use up the stockpile of goodies in your freezer and cupboards to stop wasting money on new products
  • Menu plan – this will help reduce those unnecessary items creeping into your shopping trolley
  • Mind your language – ban the words leftovers and instead use them as ingredients in new meals
  • Plant your scraps – create a compost bin for kitchen scraps
  • Make crisps – use vegetable peelings to make crunch crisps in the oven
  • Reuse your wilting fruit and veg – wrinkly carrots or browning bananas are great in soups and smoothies, not in the bin
  • Reuse your eggshells – full of calcium, they can be ground and added to smoothies or porridge
  • Reuse your peel – use in potpourri, dry and used to light a fire or used to clean the dishes
  • Doing all you can – inspire others, share your tips and tricks on social media.

The Zero Waste Week campaign is conducted primarily online via the Zero Waste Week website. Sign up to the campaign and you will get regular updates throughout the year and daily emails during the campaign week.

Image courtesy of Foodlander under Creative Commons

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