Wonky Fruit and Veg Box Delivery Hits London

South-West London based startup, OddBox, are on a mission to fight food waste and give consumers the chance to buy delicious, imperfect-looking or wonky fruit and veg produce at a discount.

Rather than wonky fruit and veg going to waste, the startup saves the perfectly tasty, albeit a little funny looking, fruits and vegetables from going to landfill and helps consumers eat healthier, at a price they can afford.

The majority of the misshapen and over or undersized fruits and vegetables would otherwise not be sold, be sold in wholesale markets for very low prices or sold for animal feed or processing. Oddbox are able to buy the produce at a fair discounted price and pass on the discount to their customers.

The social enterprise has been in full time operations since May 2016. The team at OddBox are determined to expand their business and create awareness around the subject of surplus food and food waste.

OddBox are selling wonky fruit and veg boxes online to consumers for delivery to their homes. Veg box prices start as low as £8.49 for a small veg box for two people, excluding delivery. In addition, wonky fruit boxes are available for companies who’d like them delivered direct to their offices.

For more information and to support the food waste cause, check out the OddBox website.

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