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Rants & Raves It’s Time to Step up and Help New Dads

Endless blogs, books and pages of information are out there to help mums-to-be and struggling new mums. What about new dads? How many blogs have you seen set up by a dad, to inform new dads and help them out? I’ve not seen many either.

I think it’s about time that dads step up to the mark and help out the ones in need, and I intend to do just that. I will tell you about the daunting drive home from hospital and I will tell you what to pack in YOUR hospital bag; it’s just as important as the one your partner will have been packing for months.

Where’s the Information for New Dads?

My son, Jacob, is 18 months old so I am relatively new to this. When looking around for information I found very little out there written by dads, specifically for dads. My wife spent the last part of her pregnancy worrying about what was going to happen and frantically trying to read as much information as possible.

I wanted to do the same, but couldn’t. Instead I spent my time reading up on how to be a great mum. I thought it was better to read up about her and what she would be doing, rather than to read nothing at all. At the time I was so engrossed in the pregnancy, and apart from excitement and worry in equal measures, I didn’t feel anything else for months.

Now, after the event and 18 months down the line, I can reflect and vent my disappointment at the lack of information out there for dads – at any stage of parenthood.

The Daunting Drive Home

I am sure that I would have been better prepared for the birth of my son had I been able to read about the things that would affect me beforehand. The daunting drive home when you leave your wife or partner and newborn child in the hospital is a prime example. I had no warning at all as to how tough that would be.

The journey home took me around 15 minutes. It was overwhelming, the emotional realisation that I was leaving the hospital as a dad. I’m a DAD, I thought to myself, before proceeding to drive home at 20mph. I nearly crashed numerous times along the way and swerved from side to side the whole way home.

Had I been told about this and how the emotion would affect me, then I would have been better prepared and certainly less of a danger to the general public!

What a Dad Needs to Pack for the Hospital

Every woman in the world has advice on what to pack in their hospital bag. But what about the needs of the father? We went into hospital on Friday morning and I left late on Saturday night. A book and a phone charger would have been handy!

As would food – every hospital has a cafe, vending machines and a shop. I assumed I would head down to one of those and pick up some food when I needed it. Not only are these places not open 24/7, I assure you that no dad-to-be will want to leave the room at any point. That is if you’re allowed to!

Make sure you’re prepared and have your own dad bag packed with essentials and ready to go.

Dad Rants

So it’s time for dads to step up to the mark. It’s time to pass on our knowledge and to help others be better prepared for what is about to happen to them, starting right now.

This is the first in a series of honest dad-rants based on my own experiences and frustrations. Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment!

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