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TeaTime: For Lovers of Natural Herbal Tea

If you love tea then you’re going to love TeaTime. This unique UK startup has developed a range of natural herbal tea blends made from whole buds and leaves that are low in caffeine and look and taste great. This is tea with no added nonsense.

It’s a well known stereotype that the British love to drink their tea. Approximately 165 million cups are drunk each day in the UK compared to only 60 million cups of coffee. The vast majority of this tea is standard black tea made by using a tea bag. The trouble with most teas is that they contain a lot of caffeine, artificial colouring and preservatives which can spoil the experience of kicking back and soaking up the aromatics of your favourite herbal blend.

Tea Connoisseurs Demand More Choice

There’s a growing distaste among certain circles of tea drinkers who want more from their tea drinking experience. They want quality loose tea and they want more choice and a higher grade of tea. They’re looking for a gourmet, foodie experience and aren’t satisfied with the standard off-the-shelf varieties available in the local supermarket.

People understand the health benefits of tea and want to be able to drink different teas depending on what their bodies need. From relaxing blends that aid sleep, to detoxing brews that naturally spring clean our digestive systems.

With this in mind, TeaTime set out to develop a range of natural, hand blended herbal tea. Their goal was to reduce the level of caffeine and keep the integrity of the ingredients in tact.

With the raw ingredients being sourced directly from China, Japan and South Korea the team can ensure that nothing is added or processed before it is blended. The result is a product that is 100% natural, straight from the farm to the door.

Whole Bud Tea – Not Your Typical Tea Bag

If you’re reading this thinking “what’s all the fuss? It’s just tea!”, you’re mistaken. Not all tea is equal as I learnt when I visited TeaTime to taste some of their teas.

In today’s world of mass production it’s most common to find fruit or herbal tea that has been ground or processed and presented in teabags. Many of these also have preservatives, flavours or perfumes added to enhance the taste of the tea. This processing and added extras, while resulting in a richer and more complex cup of tea, also introduces a load of nasties to our bodies.

A cup that is made from loose natural tea tastes a lot better and is a lot better for your body.

TeaTime’s tea is made from whole leaves and buds. If you’re unsure what that means (like I was), they use the entire bud picked from the tea bush. The tea leaves, flowers and fruit are left in their natural state and that’s what you use to brew a pot.

Whilst chatting with the TeaTime team, I tried a selection of teas which were unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

The most unusual was a blend of roasted rice and green tea. The flavour was quite interesting, with a nutty earthy taste, certainly nothing like anything I’d tasted before. It is based on a very classic traditional Japanese tea that is drunk during a meal. As I sipped the tea I could see how it would go with a selection of sushi or even a bowl of noodles.

Another tea is called Four Beautea, made from a blend of rose, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, jasmine and goji berry. After drinking the tea you can even eat the goji berries to get the most from the natural ingredients. This tea has a very delicate taste on the tongue and a lovely sweet aroma. My personal favourite is Revitazest which contains orange zest, lemongrass and root ginger, perfect for re-energising after a stressful meeting or long workout.

On Demand Relaxation with a Herbal Tea Subscription

TeaTime offer their tea on a subscription basis where a selection of tea is delivered straight to your door. Each package contains a selection of four different teas based on your preferences which you can continually update. Each of the four teas come in a small container, perfect if you want to take the tea with you to work. The entire subscription box fits through a standard mailbox so there’s no need to be at home when the delivery arrives, or worry that the package will go missing if left on your doorstep.

Each of the tea varieties is enough for 3-4 cups of tea or a pot for several people. As the tea is completely natural and hasn’t had additional perfumes or flavours added, the flavours last longer and each serving can be re-infused at least a couple of times, depending on how strong you like your tea.

If you’re like me and don’t like the fuss of getting out a teapot to brew tea (especially at work), you’ll love the clever reusable tea basket that TeaTime send in your subscription box. Hang the basket over a tea cup, add your tea blend, then pour hot water straight into the basket. Leave the basket to hang for a little while so that the tea infuses then you’re tea is ready to drink. It’s super easy to re-infuse by repeating the process with the tea that is still in the tea basket. I was able to get 4 small cups out of one small serving of tea leaves and flower buds.

If you’re interested in trying out some of the TeaTime blends go to their website and sign up for their service. At just £4.50 per delivery, it’s a bargain and you can pause at any time.

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