green tea safe when pregnant?

Advice Tea for Two: Is Drinking Green Tea Safe When Pregnant?

If you fancy being bombarded from all angles about what you should and shouldn’t do with your body, get pregnant.

The British love of tea is well documented, but everyone has an opinion when it comes to drinking it during those magical 9 months. So it’s time we asked the million-dollar question; is drinking green tea safe when pregnant?

Pregnancy forced me to change a number of habits, but none had as much impact on my life as my daily cup of tea.

Every morning, without fail, I’d sit down at my work desk and savour a cup of milky tea to set me up for the day. I wasn’t much use at work without it. Becoming pregnant proved an inconvenience to this much-needed routine since every article I read warned about the evils of caffeine.

Thankfully, I did a little research and found some fantastic alternatives.

Go Steady on the Green

Green tea is said to have a little less caffeine than traditional tea, and is packed with antioxidants, so was a great alternative to my usual morning brew. I made sure I stuck to the guidelines of 200mg of caffeine throughout the day, which is plenty at around three cups.

It isn’t wise to go overboard in the first twelve weeks as it may prevent you from absorbing folic acid properly, but I’m not sure even the most enthusiastic green tea lovers could drink bucket-loads through the morning sickness.

If you find regular green tea too bitter, it might be worth trying a few different flavoured green tea infusions, or even one of the many cold pre-bottled versions available. There’s even a new, sparkling version (which incidentally, we’re giving away a case of in July!).

The Best of the Rest

There are a few other herbal teas I hadn’t previously considered (or heard of) that also helped me massively through pregnancy. Not only are they safe to drink, they all have excellent properties that helped ease my pregnant-lady cravings and woes in some way or another.

The teas I tried (and loved) were:

  1. Rooibos (or Red Bush) – it’s caffeine free (yay!), is packed with antioxidants and helps the body absorb iron. Plus, you can drink it with milk and it tastes great.
  2. Peppermint – it relaxes the stomach and helps with the dreaded morning sickness
  3. Ginger – it aids digestion and is also said to help with morning sickness
  4. Red raspberry leaf (after 34 weeks) – some believe that it aids in toning and strengthening the uterine muscle ready for labour

So Is Drinking Green Tea Safe When Pregnant?

Many green and herbal teas are not only safe, but beneficial to drink during pregnancy, as long as they are consumed in moderation.

There are a few to avoid, including sage, parsley and chamomile, so it’s always best to have a quick check or speak to a healthcare professional before trying something new.

If you’re anything like me and are loathe to give up your morning tea (or coffee) habit, herbal teas make an excellent alternative that will help to keep you sane throughout pregnancy.

So grab your favourite mug and go put the kettle on, mama!

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