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Sugarwise – Science That Tests For Added Sugars

Thanks to a new food test, scientists are now able to identify added sugars in food. This test is being used to provide a ‘Sugarwise’ certification and label which indicates products that are low in added sugar. The test was recently launched in Palo Alto, California.

The new label is intended to help people quickly identify foods that are low in sugar and is being hailed as one of the most important breakthroughs in the fight against health issues related to high dietary sugar intake.

Rend Platings, the Sugarwise Founder, worked with Chief Scientist, VInicius Ferreira, to develop the new testing method. Platings was concerned with the high levels of sugar in children’s food and wanted to do something about it. “I was shocked to hear my daughter’s generation may live a shorter life than their parents. It’s not that we don’t know about the dangers of sugar, we do; the problem relates to our lack of access to healthier choices.”

The groundbreaking technology developed by Sugarwise that is able to measure the amount of added sugar in foods will start being used in the U.S. Following on from the new FDA guidelines on food labelling, the technology is the only way of independently measuring added sugar without requiring recipe information from manufacturers.

Vinicius Ferreira, Caltech Scientist said: “An overwhelming majority of the American population exceeds their added sugar target on a daily basis. Obesity is soaring and sugar related illness is rising. We have developed the test and certification to help people take control of their sugar intake. If Sugarwise encourages the food industry to address added sugar content the knock on effect could be huge.”

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