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There are not many companies I would cook dinner for. After all, who wants to whip up a soufflé for Sainsburys or treat Tesco to a terrine? No thanks.

More Super Than Supermarkets

But OddBox is not like supermarkets, for many reasons – the best one being the enthusiasm and warmth they generate from their customers. People absolutely love their mission to reduce food waste and to revalue the wonky fruit and veg that supermarkets so often toss aside. They do this through their home and work delivery box schemes of slightly misshapen but still perfectly delicious seasonal fruit and veg.

Dinner Is Served

So what better way to celebrate their work than with a delicious wonky supper club? Sixteen of us, a mixture of customers and probably soon-to-be customers, gathered in a south London pub on a Wednesday night to enjoy a vegetarian feast of three wonderfully wonky courses. The menu was designed and cooked by OddBox customer and wonky advocate, Pippa (who also happens to be an expert chef and caterer), using OddBox produce.

Proceedings kicked off in style with a cocktail in a sunny Earlsfield pub garden. In the dining room, we moved on to a starter of parmesan and kale crisps, beetroot and cucumber carpaccio with mint, and a cool spicy gazpacho – perfect on a warm summer’s evening (remember those?!).

We also got to hear firsthand from Oddbox co-founder, Deepak, about where our dinner for the evening had come from, and why it had been rejected by conventional retailers. Usually it’s for the most superficial of reasons – a green pepper with a yellow tinge, a slightly curvy courgette or an overgrown carrot – or simply because supermarkets have ordered too much for demand.

After our food waste talk and the starters, it was time for a delectable main of hot and sour butternut squash curry. It was served with sides of mixed grains, Thai cucumber salad and my personal favourite, a heavenly dish of sweet, sticky, spicy aubergines. As further testament to how much people love OddBox, the pub landlord even stepped in to help serve us dinner!

All the dishes were beautifully flavoured and hugely moreish – you would never for a second stop to think that there was anything less than perfect about all of those beautiful ingredients. Indeed, it took real restraint to leave some room for the dessert.

Odd Baking

Luckily we did, because dessert came in the form of the most amazingly beautiful cake from OddBox customer and food blogger Dosirakbento – an OddBox veg box of wonky produce – except this one was made entirely out of chocolate sponge and icing! It almost looked too good to eat, but we were pretty glad that we did anyway.

There were even extra goodies on the night to take home and enjoy. We had drinks from Dash Water, who make flavoured sparkling waters with wonky fruit, and Doisy and Dam donated some superfood chocolate which was nearing its best before date, but which was still totally delicious.

I think we can safely say that OddBox has developed a pretty devoted fan club. Perhaps we’ve found a culprit for the rising house prices in South London? Much like parents who try and move into the catchment area for their desired schools, we’re all now desperate to live in OddBox’s exclusive SW and SE delivery zones.

But don’t go putting your flat on the market just yet; with a shiny new warehouse and so much wonderful British wonky fruit and veg available, maybe we could see an expansion in the very near future.

In the meantime, we can only hope that there are many more wonky suppers to come.

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