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Review Luxury Without the Liquor – Elegant Soft Drinks for Adults

There was a time when soft drinks were sweet and sickly, aimed exclusively at a younger market. However alcohol-free beverages are taking a turn for the better.

Being sober can be elegant – in many ways. The current rise in non-drinking adults has lead to some pretty sophisticated alternatives.

It’s not just in your weekly shop that you can get these hangover-proof delights. More and more are now available at bars and restaurants, from zero proof alcohol to virgin cocktails.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite soft drinks for adults, perfect for a night off the booze.

The Wine Alternative

Belvoir Shiraz – Wine without the hangover

Wine without the hangover? How exciting! This range of drinks from firm favourite, Belvoir, is a revelation. They’re already well known for their quintessentially British cordials and pressés. With a Chardonnay and a Rosé also available, they’ve got all tastes covered.

We found this alcohol-free alternative deliciously fruity. The rich, warm taste of grape is front and centre. At just £2.99 per bottle, we can’t wait to try the full range!

Available on Ocado, and at Waitrose and Tesco stores.

A Juice with Punch

Nix & Kix Mango and Ginger with Cayenne Chilli

Nix & Kix are bringing passion and imagination to soft drinks for adults. How so? By adding an uplifting kick of Cayenne pepper! Cayenne pepper not only gives a deliciously unusual depth of flavour, it is also said to boost the metabolism. Even better, these drinks contain no refined sugars.

This gorgeous drink is far from ‘soft’. The warm welcome of mango is followed by the punchy tingle of ginger and pepper. We can imagine sipping this on ice at a summer BBQ or it keeping us warm on a cosy winter’s night. With the average price of a cocktail starting from £7 and upwards, a large 750ml bottle of Nix & Kix is a steal at £2.79. You can also enjoy Peach and Vanilla, and Cucumber and Mint.

Available on Ocado, and at Waitrose and many outlets across London.

A Lemonade Twist

Fentimans Rose Lemonade

A favourite in pubs, Fentimans are well known for their tonics and range of botanical mixers. But Fentimans also have a range of stylish, highest quality soft drinks for adults. The company was voted Best Soft Drinks Brand 2016/2017 and we think their award-winning Rose Lemonade is the star of the show.

The botanical flavours shine through in this exciting twist on traditional lemonade. If you’re not a fan of rose, then don’t be put off. The rose is subtle and pairs beautifully with the zesty tang of the lemons. Sweet, but not overbearing, this is a summery favourite of ours. It’s perfect for any occasion, and a great alternative to bring to a dinner party.

Widely available at most supermarkets.

Cola, but Cooler

Karma Cola

The Kola nuts in this drink are sourced solely from farmers in the village of Boma in Sierra Leone. The village benefits directly from sales of Karma Cola, earning it its name. Karma Cola now also have their own take on a classic Ginger Ale, the delightfully named Gingerella.

Most people are familiar with a certain well-known brand of cola – so how did this compare? It has a beautifully light flavour, which for us is a big tick. Plus, knowing there are no nasty ingredients or preservatives? We’re converted! Each sale helps families in Sierra Leone become more self-sufficient, making it a much better investment, in our humble opinion.

Now available on Ocado and at Waitrose.

A Classier Can

Cawston Press Sparkling Rhubarb

We love the knack Cawston Press has of creating exciting flavour combinations. Their sparkling soft drinks are elegant alternatives to the usual fizzy pop. They’re all made with only the finest pressed ingredients, with nothing artificial added. Choose from British classics such as Cloudy Apple, or branch out with Cucumber and Mint – these are far from ordinary.

This subtle blend of rhubarb and apples is reminiscent of sunny childhood days. Remember crunching on rhubarb and custard sweets in the countryside? That! A perfect accompaniment to a picnic.

Available at most major supermarkets and selected bars and restaurants.

Sophisticated Soft Drinks for Adults

All of the drinks we tried were delicious and provide great alternatives to alcoholic drinks. Whether you’re at a bar with friends, or hosting a summer BBQ, staying sober has never been cooler – or tastier.

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