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Guzzling Treats with Guzzl Club

You can get a subscription box for just about anything these days. From beauty products to beer, to more obscure things like Lego, skulls and things for left-handed people.

There are so many food discovery boxes on the market. It can be hard to choose the one that’s right for you. However, for those who value small, independent producers and are looking for vegan or veggie options, Guzzl may have exactly what you’re looking for.

How Does Guzzl Club Work?

Guzzl have a delicatessen located in Brixton Village, South London. They’re all about supporting local, independent and artisan producers. From this base in Brixton their team – known as ‘Guzzlers’ – scour the country for new and interesting products, savoury snacks, condiments and sweet treats that you can’t easily buy in the more mainstream shops.

When the Guzzlers return from their scouting mission they have a ‘Guzzlfest’, where they sample all the products and pick the best ones. The top ranking five or six products then go into the monthly Guzzl Box. They have a vegan box, veggie box and meat eaters box so there’s something for everyone.

The box full of foodie finds is then sent out to members of the Guzzl Club. Each member receives an email with a heads up that their box is on the way. For those that don’t like surprises or can’t bare the suspense, the email contains a list of what members can expect in their box. We got the email but didn’t peek at the list. We wanted to savour the excitement of the unboxing experience.

Our Vegan and Veggie Guzzle Boxes

Our box arrived in understated and simple packaging – a cardboard box with a big Guzzl sticker on the side.

The size of the box and the amount of protective packing within seemed a little excessive for the six small products. At least it meant all the jars and glass bottles were undamaged. And whilst there was a lot of cardboard and tissue paper, it could all be recycled. The box even became a temporary sleeping spot for the office cat!

We tried both a veggie box and a vegan box. In the veggie box we found Black Truffle Oil from Truffle Hunters, Clotted Cream Fudge from The Cornish Larder, a can of Nix & Kix, Chocolate and Orange Biscotti from the Great British Biscotti Company, Single Variety Co. Raspberry Jam and a bar of Nom Nom Peanut Butter Chocolate.

There was some crossover in the vegan box which also contained the same truffle oil and Nix & Kix drink. In addition there were two bars of vegan chocolate by Solkiki and a jar of Hot Chocolate spread by Cao Kitchen.

The range of products was diverse and there was something to suit everyone’s taste.

Subscription Lucky Dip

The issue with most subscription boxes is that if you get something you don’t like you’re stuck with a product you might not use. However, you can always gift the item to a friend or family member you think will enjoy it. I’m not a fan of truffle oil but others who tried it thought it was amazing.

Food will often split opinions and that’s one of the things that makes it so interesting! It is nice to have such a wide variety of things you might not have tried before. For example, I really enjoyed the spicy kick of the Nix & Kix drink, which I wouldn’t have thought to buy in the past.

The Single Variety Raspberry Jam was delicious, as was the Biscotti. The fudge was okay. We weren’t a massive fan of the Nom Nom Chocolate but I’m sure many people would love it. The Hot Chocolate Spread was really tasty by itself. I haven’t tried it as a drink yet but the idea is really original and interesting.

When discussing the contents of our boxes with some other Guzzl Club members, I learned that different members often get different flavours of the same item. Variety is great but can also be problematic. I loved the sound of some of the flavours others received and wasn’t particularly keen on some of mine.

How Much Will Guzzle Cost Me?

Guzzl have a couple of options to help you find the right box. First you have the choice of a Guzzl box, Veggie Box, or Vegan Box to suit your lifestyle and taste preferences. You can choose either a £20 or £25 monthly subscription.  There’s also a one-off selection box ranging in price from £25 to £75.

£25 per month is a little steep for a selection of products that you didn’t choose yourself and aren’t guaranteed to like. However, all the products are from small, independent producers so by subscribing you’re helping support local businesses.

These products aren’t widely available or easy to find in your average supermarket because they’re much more than average products. So, while not a cheap way to discover food, you’re paying for quality, curation and convenience.

If you’re looking to discover new and interesting products and keen to give Guzzl a try we have a couple of special offers for you.

Sign up for a Guzzl subscription with the code FOODRUSH50 to get 50% off your first three boxes! If you use our referral link you’ll get an extra £5 off and we’ll also receive £10 off our next box too.

Would We Guzzl Again?

Overall, it’s a brilliant concept, especially for those looking for veggie or vegan boxes. At The Food Rush we love supporting small, independent businesses and this makes Guzzl very appealing. Opening the box is exciting. And perhaps if you split the subscription with someone else it would be a great bonding experience to discuss what you thought of all the tasty treats!

The variety is good, although so far we’ve had mostly sweet things and would like a few more savoury options. Perhaps these are more common in the meat eater boxes? Although we didn’t enjoy every item, and different members received different varieties that we might have preferred, this is inevitable to some degree. Not everyone will like every product and perhaps that’s even more reason to share.

We would definitely Guzzl again and would recommend giving them a try. With 50% off for the first three months, it’s a very affordable way to discover some really interesting products.

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