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Fruit and Veg with Character

What’s wrong with weird and wonky fruit and veg?


It might look a bit different but it tastes the same. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. So why does so much of it go to waste? We waste more than 10 million tonnes of food in the UK which which has the equivalent value of £17 billion!

We’ve had enough of all this nonsense and have teamed up with wonky fruit and veg delivery company Oddbox to spread the word that there’s nothing wrong with wonky produce.

We could have put on tweed jackets with elbow patches, wheeled out a whiteboard and a laser pointer and presented something educational but functional about the issues of food waste.

But we didn’t do that.

Instead, we rounded up as much wonky produce as we could get our hands on at short notice and let them do the talking.

Peppers with Periscopes

The Sexy Cucumber

Grandpa Sweet Potato

If you’re as outraged about the issue of food waste as we are, share the video and let’s spread the word that this is not veg to be wasted – it’s veg with character.

Get some veg with character! Pick up an OddBox for yourself and save 25% off your first box with our offer code FOODRUSH25.

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