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Fools & Queens’ Sugar Free Pudding Wins Great Taste Award

Great Taste, organised by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food and acknowledged as the benchmark for fine food and drink, has announced the Great Taste stars of 2016. Among the winners were Fools & Queens, earning not one, but two awards.

The London based startup, who make distinctly British puddings, were awarded a 2 star Great Taste award for its Lemon Posset and a 1 star Great Taste award for its Orange and Honey Posset.


Of the sugar free Lemon Posset the judges commented that “it has a lovely delicate colour and a beautiful set… a very fine citrus top note…not at all sweet refreshing, but deliciously rich too!”. The judges reported that the refined sugar free Orange and Honey Posset’s “[texture] is gorgeous and creamy…the orange has a delightful lightness and freshness…the level of sweetness is very well judged”.

“It has been such an amazing week for us here at F&Q HQ” said Alexander Johnson, Co-founder of Foods & Queens, “we are just thrilled about the awards, we’ve never been shortlisted for anything so this is just fantastic.”

Fools & Queens are on a quest to make pudding eating both healthy and delicious, producing low-sugar, gluten-free and occasionally dairy-free puddings. Their puddings solve the sugar riddle by using xylitol, a natural sweetener sourced from Finnish birch trees. Xylitol is fructose free, very low GI and has 40% of the calories of table sugar.

There were 10,000 Great Taste entries this year and of those products, 141 have been awarded a 3 star, 878 received a 2 star and 2,520 were awarded a 1 star accolade.

Great Taste 2016 will reach its exciting finale on Monday 5 September, when the world of fine food gathers at the Royal Garden Hotel in London to find out the Golden Fork winners for each region at an Awards Dinner, with the final applause reserved for the Great Taste Supreme Champion 2016.


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