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Food Waste Wins Food Innovation Award

It’s 2016 and the world of food is an exciting place. Gone are the days where food was dull and boring! No longer does food serve the sole purpose of keeping hunger at bay and giving our bodies the nutrients they need. Food can be, and should be, exciting and an experience to be enjoyed and savoured.

To bring such experiences to light, innovative chefs and food entrepreneurs are the order of the day. We need adventurous souls willing to go beyond the traditional methods and recipes to explore new ways to combine, produce and present food.

Leftover Kitchen Food Waste

Hannah McCollum is one of those people with adventure and experimentation in her blood. Tired of boring and uninviting food, coupled with a desire to combat food waste, Hannah set out to produce something new and exciting. Starting in kitchens where she was providing private chef services, her creative cooking turned leftover vegetables and salads into dips. The results were colourful, healthy and much more interesting than the products found in a typical supermarket chiller cabinet.

Encouraged by the positive feedback that her dips received, Hannah went on to expand the range and launched the brand ChicP: a range of sweet and savoury hummus made from food waste.

Fast forward just six months and the ChipP range now consists of seven colourful and unique combinations all made from unwanted or surplus fruit and vegetables sourced from local farmers markets. Check out the flavours: beetroot, horseradish and sage; carrot, ginger and tumeric; kale and rosemary; banana, avocado and cacao; strawberry and avocado and many more seriously exciting combinations. My personal favourite is the banana and avocado one, though don’t try it with a salted cracker like I did (my own fault), a slice of apple works much better.



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Award Winner

Being a food entrepreneur and bringing a new product to market takes a lot of hard work and certainly isn’t for those who like an easy ride. Success in this field takes a lot of hustle, dedication and consistent effort. Equally, the drive to be creative and innovative in a very traditional field can be difficult and convincing consumers to try products that are a little different can be an uphill battle.

With this in mind the World Food Innovation Awards were created to celebrate excellence and innovation across every category of the global food industry. It’s really important that experimentation, creativity and innovation receive the attention and reward it deserves. Additionally, it’s important to celebrate the people who are advancing the world of food, those not satisfied to settle for the mundane and boring.

This year’s World Food Innovation winners were announced at Hotelympia in London.

Hannah and her ChicP dips won the award for best new convenience award. That’s a massive achievement for a brand so young, and deservedly so, it’s a very innovative (and delicious) product. There were lots of great winners in the other categories with really interesting products which just goes to show how much food innovation is happening around the world right now.



If you’d like to try some of the ChicP dips for yourself you can contact Hannah and her team via twitter, facebook or email to find out where they’re going to be next or even to arrange a to organise a brunch, lunch or supper club.

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