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Food Waste Recycling Technology To Address Malnutrition

Food waste startup, NewfoodZ, is aiming to reduce malnutrition and decrease starvation by closing the food loop used by global food and drink manufacturers. The startup aims to eliminate food by-product waste by using low-energy dehydration and gentle milling to produce nutritious powders.

The startup aims to make nutritious powers for a wide variety of food users, thereby creating a circular food economy. Their first proof of concept is produced in Mexico and takes waste orange peel and turns it into an orange peel powder which is high in potassium, Vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber.

Eric Lundgren stated, “So far, we humans have been successfully growing and catching foods for an ever-increasing population but our resources are depleting fast. We can no longer allow up to 40% of everything we grow and catch to go to waste. We need to convert this waste to abundance.”

The NewfoodZ process retains the valuable oils, sugars and citrus bioflavonoids which can then be reused directly as a powdered food or incorporated into products such as nutraceuticals, skin care, cosmetics or even used in certain industrial products.


Founder Christian J Murray said, “I joined the company as I knew the day would come when we would critically need efficient food processing the world over. When I first witnessed the technologies we now offer I gave up my media career to go full-time into eco-sustainability. Getting public support to grow will help us take the message to governments and Fortune 100 companies, further reinforcing the commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2015.”

The company intends to expand to Alaska where they will process wild salmon and shrimp by-products. In order to achieve this expansion NewfoodZ is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGoGo platform. The campaign aims to raise $1.5 million US – the largest ask ever from the crowdfunding food community.

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