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Dining on a Dime: 5 Restaurant Apps That Will Save You Major Dough

Whether you see dinner out as a treat reserved for special occasions, or you make a habit of eating out several times a week, it all adds up. But meals out don’t have to cost a fortune if you know where to look for deals. We’ve found five restaurant apps that offer more than just reviews and suggestions. They can also help you pay the bill.


You might know that the Yelp app is useful for reviews and recommendations, but it also has a feature to help save you money. Yelp Deals allows users to filter search results by restaurants “offering a deal”. From there you purchase and redeem vouchers directly through the app. With loads of listings and search options that let you filter by price, location, and features like outdoor seating, good for kids, and happy hour. You’re bound to find just what you’re looking for at a price that fits the bill.


We’ve all experienced the frustration of being been turned away from a packed restaurant on a Friday night, or told there’s a two hour wait. Meanwhile, restaurants often experience the reverse annoyance of huge lulls in customers during the daytime or midweek. CityMunch wants to break this cycle by offering real-time deals at eateries throughout London.

Dynamic pricing lets users take advantage of discounted prices at nearby restaurants during off-peak times, filling seats and bellies and making for a better dining experience all around – great if you’re flexible on time and want to save a few quid.

Too Good To Go

You want a high-quality meal but don’t want to pay sky-high prices for it. Restaurants need to turn out fresh food while turning a profit, which often translates into perfectly good food being thrown away at the end of each day. Social enterprise To Good To Go is working to resolve this disconnect and reduce food waste by connecting people to restaurants that are practically giving away their extra food.

Simply order through the app and show up during your designated time slot to collect. While the service is take-away only, the effort it takes to pick up your order is well worth it for a bargain meal and the satisfaction of saving that butter chicken from the bin.


For the spontaneous eater, TablePouncer allows you to grab last-minute bookings for 50% less than the full price. If you eat out frequently, the £49.95 annual membership fee will more than pay for itself. If you’re not into memberships, simply book as a guest and pay a small booking fee. With venues for date night or family meals with the kids, you’re guaranteed to score a deal that everyone in your party will appreciate.

British St. Food

While not a deal app per se, British St. Food connects you to cheap street eats and allows you to support local food vendors. The team behind the app wants to build a bigger street food community by putting live GPS maps at people’s fingertips. They want to show what vendors are trading, when and where, and encouraging users to contribute photos and reviews. With more and more markets and street food events cropping up across the country, British St. Food is your go-to guide for navigating the gastronomic streets nearest you.

Go Forth… and Eat!

With these apps in your arsenal, you’ll be eating out all over town and saving money too. That’s reason enough for a celebratory dinner (as if you needed one). Download them now and discover all the ways you can save on dining experiences near you.

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