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CityMunch, The App For Restaurant Discounts

In a perfect world it would be possible to dine at your favourite restaurant every night, enjoy your favourite food and still have a healthy bank balance. Restaurant owners would rejoice from a steady stream of customers flowing through the doors and profits that keep the tax man happy.

In the real world this is often not the case, but thanks to the new CityMunch app it’s possible for customers to search for restaurant discounts and enjoy great food at lower prices bringing restaurants the extra business they desire.

What is CityMunch?

CityMunch is a new app that is hoping to keep restaurants full at off-peak times and customers happy with affordable meals out. The app was launched in February 2016 and features over 130 restaurants around Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia and Soho; but has exciting plans to expand across the city and beyond.

Founder and CEO Robert Lynch came up with the idea for the app after speaking with restaurateurs who were struggling to fill tables outside the peak times of Friday and Saturday evenings.

We spoke to Sandy Grant, a regular user of the app, to get an insider’s view on how well the app worked and the kind of discounts that can be found on CityMunch.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

As mobile technology is now used on a daily basis it’s important that new apps and technology give the user a good experience and are intuitive to use. Sandy explained how he’d come across the app and how he uses it.

“I received a flyer for it in the street. I love a bargain so I downloaded the app for free. Then I went straight out to get a great deal. It’s really easy to use. It’s great as it shows all the places close to where you are and tells you exactly how far away a restaurant is (or you can search by location). It very clearly tells you what deals are available and when.”

“You can search by location, type of food, date/time of day, all places or offers only. As well as viewing as a list you can use the map feature where you can see all the places within an area, and you can still view prices, type of food, deals etc.”

“The deals are very transparent in that they always cover all the food. As well as the type of food, each restaurant is rated and the price range is clearly displayed. Once I’ve decided on a deal it only takes a second to reserve as many vouchers as I need, there are no restrictions on how many people you can bring. Once the voucher is reserved, it links to Citymapper to guide you to the restaurant or pub front door. Once you arrive you just show your voucher, from the screen of your mobile, and you’re away.”

From Sandy’s enthusiasm it seemed like the app was able to deliver all the features you’d expect for meal search and discovery. But the real proof is in the execution, are there real deals to be had? I can’t count the number of times I’ve downloaded an app to find that it didn’t live up to the hype and promises it said it would deliver.

High Quality Food with Restaurant Discounts

I needn’t have been worried, it turns out Sandy has enjoyed some cracking deals from the CityMunch app and continues to use the app on a regular basis.

“I’ve had some really good discounts; including a 40% off deal at a Brick Lane curry house (on a Friday night) which was great. Best of all I got 50% off food at The Well pub in Clerkenwell which was excellent. It was high quality food at bargain prices.”

“I’ve used the app several times already. Previously I’ve used Gourmet Card and Tastecard but now that I’ve discovered CityMunch I will never pay for a subscription discount card again. CityMunch is now THE app I use to get quality food at bargain prices. Aside from the fact that CityMunch is free and the others charge there are other benefits too.”

“When you search using CityMunch you start by the time you are looking to eat, whereas with Tastecard you need to apply lots of filters to find what is available when you want to eat.”

“Other deal apps are complicated with lots of exclusions while CityMunch gives a flat discount off all the food you order.”

“When using CityMunch there is no need to phone ahead and inform the restaurant that you’ll be using the app which you have to do with other dining cards.”

“The CityMunch app shows real time information regarding deals, so you do’t have the problem of turning up to discover that the restaurant has closed down.”

Sandy’s review of CityMunch sounded a little too good to be true, so I delved a little deeper. When asked what improvements could be made the only thing he could come up with was the slightly limited availability of restaurants across London. Given that the app is relatively new and predominantly based around Shoreditch and Fitzrovia this is quite understandable. The team at CityMunch are busy adding restaurants all the time and the app will slowly be spreading across London.

So, if you like the idea of a discounted restaurant meal, download the CityMunch app from the app store or Google Play and try out a new London restaurant tonight!

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