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Black Tonic: A New Twist on the Classic G&T

Cockta was Yugoslavia’s first soft drink, hitting the shelves in 1953. Now, over 60 years later, the Slovenian soft drinks company is mixing things up with their brand new and very slick looking Black Tonic.

Black Tonic is a combination of slightly bitter tonic and the classic Cockta recipe which is a dark, sweet, fruity soft drink made with 11 types of herbs, rose hip, lemon and orange with added caffeine. I’d describe it as a light, fruity version of a classic cola.


While the tonic itself is really delicious, I had a suspicion it would taste even better with gin and in the name of experimentation, I gave it a go.

I’m a big fan of the humble G&T; the zing of the citrus, the complexity of the botanicals, perfect on a warm summers evening or as an aperitif before a hearty winter’s lunch. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when mixing my favourite gin with this dark mixer. But the results were good. Very good. If you’re not much of a gin fan, the mixologists at Cockta have a handful of Black Tonic cocktail recipes available on their website.


The Dark Side of Gin cocktail (gin, Black Tonic, lemon juice and ice) had all the classic gin flavour but with a slightly sweet, fruity, aftertaste. It’s very complex and hard to describe but the combination of gin and Black Tonic is great. Not only that but Cockta is packaged in R-PET plastic bottles which are made of 50% recycled plastic making it more environmentally friendly.

Cockta can be enjoyed in several countries around the world. If you’re one of the lucky ones, do give it a go either by itself or mixed with your favourite gin.

Have you tried any other new and interesting cocktail recipes recently? Do give us a shout so we don’t miss out!

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