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A Coffee Cup That Fits In Your Pocket

The Pokito cup, designed and manufactured in England, is a new ultra-portable, durable and environmentally friendly cup designed for hot drinks on the go. The cup which can be compressed flat and carried in your pocket, handbag or briefcase also provides a seal if you want to save some of your drink for later.

The new ultra-portable cup is launching on 21-22nd September at Lunch! in London.

The flexible design of the cup allows you to choose what size cup you need depending on how much of a caffeine addict you are. At full extension the cup can hold 475ml, half compressed it will hold 350ml and at its smallest it can hold 230ml, perfect for an espresso.


Andrew Brooks, inventor and designer of the Pokito cup commented: “Growing millions of trees to manufacture billions of cups for a few minutes of convenience has to be considered a wasteful and ecologically unsound practice. I do believe there has to be a better way. We can still enjoy our daily indulgence and manage to safeguard the environment for future generations.”

Pokito cups are made from the same hygienic, odourless material used in babies’ bottles and teething rings – it won’t affect the taste of your drink and they’re fully dishwasher proof.

The coffee cup’s footprint becomes environmentally-sustainable after only 15 uses. Every part of your Pokito can be recycled and it’s been tested to last over 1,500 times making it super durable.

Keep an eye on twitter for further updates regarding the Pokito cup launch.

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