About Us: In brief

  • What? The Future of Food Magazine
  • Platforms iPad (more coming soon)
  • For Who? Foodies who care
  • Since October 2015
  • Publishing Daily
  • HQ London, UK

Who, What, Why?

The Food Rush publishes weekly content and a quarterly digital magazine for passionate foodies who care about the future of food.

We report on the intersection of food, technology, innovation and sustainability to raise awareness and spark conversations about these fascinating and hugely important topics.

We believe that technology and innovation has the potential to revolutionise the food system and by building community we can make a large positive impact from a number of small actions.

Download your free sample issue for iPad now

Download your free sample issue for iPad now

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to raise awareness of the global issues of food sustainability, food waste and inefficiencies in the food ecosystem and enable everyday people to live more future friendly lives. Along the way we aim to showcase and celebrate startups, entrepreneurs, apps, gadgets and all sorts of innovative food solutions to the wider public.

By bringing together and giving a voice to passionate, future thinking people we have the potential to spark conversations and solutions to the global food issues we face now and in the future.

We’re not activists (and you don’t have to be one either) but we believe it is possible to change our methods of food production, consumption and waste for the better. What we celebrate and showcase is an exciting alternative that will affect that change.

What’s in it for me?

We’re building a community of curious, passionate, future thinking foodies. The Food Rush and Future of Food Magazine are for you if:

  • You love food
  • You enjoy learning new things
  • You have an inquisitive mind
  • You care about doing the right thing
  • You want to see or make change happen
  • You care about what you eat and where it comes from
  • You care about the future
  • You value quality

Whether your a passionate home cook, love eating out, work in the food business or would like to, you’ve found the right place.

Everybody has to eat

Our food ecosystem touches everyone: everybody has to eat.

The global issues will affect us all in some way – both now, in five years, in 20 years and further into the future. Through education, inspiration and taking action we hope to see positive change. Care to join us?

Meet the team

Photo of Kylie Ackers

Kylie Ackers

Kylie has a background in finance, technology and process improvement. She has a strong social conscience, volunteers regularly in the homeless sector in London and has spent time on humanitarian aid projects in developing countries in the past. In her free time she likes nothing better than chowing down on a bowl full of street food with lashings of chilli oil.

Photo of Guy Routledge

Guy Routledge

Guy has a background in design and tech and has worked with a number of food brands and startups to create engaging online experiences. Food has been his passion since an early age and now he's combining his love of food, tech and creativity and immersing himself in the world of food innovation, food tech and food sustainability.

We’re partners in business but also in life, having spent the last 7 years together in (almost) perfect harmony. And what better way to spend our down-time than to surround ourselves in food startup culture and share it with the world?

Some of our best content, just for you

Since 2015 we've been researching and writing all sorts of stories about food, food tech, innovative startups, global food issues and potential solutions. You can search through the archives, check out our blog or news feed or take a deep dive into the future of food with our quarterly magazine.

But if you've just got a couple of minutes, why not start with some of our favourite posts from recent months.

  • 3D Printing Food for an Entire Restaurant Menu

    3D printing food has been around for a while but the world's first 3D printed popup restaurant, Food Ink. is about to start it's premiere world tour.

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  • Are coffee pods bad for the environment?

    Every morning, tens of millions of coffee drinkers make a steaming cup of joe from coffee pods. But should they have a slightly bitter aftertaste of guilt?

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  • The Death of Supermarkets

    Consumer demands are changing, convenience is becoming more affordable. We explore whether this means the traditional supermarket model is dead.

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  • A Robot Chef To Replace Us In The Kitchen

    Could a robot chef replace home cooking in the future? How about within the next two years? Find out more about the wonderful world of robotic kitchens.

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  • Are GMO Foods Really Bad For You?

    GMO foods have been in the spotlight recently but are GMO foods really bad for you? Find out what GMO foods are and what all the fuss is about.

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  • Are Pills and Powders the Future of Food?

    Is it possible to predict the future of food? We look at a food solution that aims to solve existing and future food production and sustainability issues.

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  • Artificial Intelligence Meets Nutrition

    Ensuring we eat nutritious food can be tough. Perhaps Logameal, an app that combines photo recognition and artificial intelligence can keep us on track.

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