Working out Food and Family, One Meal at a Time

The world seems to get more complicated and more stressful every day. We desperately want to believe we can still save our world and eat it too, but, when you’re trying to juggle all that modern life throws at you, it can be hard.

We understand that struggle. It’s why we’re here.

Let’s figure this out together.

Decisions are tough, yet we have to make thousands of them every single day. Should I buy organic cotton or regular? What recipe can I make in 30 minutes that my kids won’t complain about? When are leeks in season? Did I leave the oven on?*

We want to guide you to make great choices – based on evidence, expert opinion or just good old trial and error – even when they’re tough. Choices that individually don’t seem like much, but which when put together can make a real difference to the planet and the people we love.

We write about food – as sustenance, as metaphor, as comfort and as common ground. Ours is a big table, and everyone’s welcome. So pull up a chair, bend an ear, and stay a while. We’ll figure all this out together. One meal at a time.

*Sorry, we can’t actually help you with this one.

Tuck into Some Good Food!

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