Podcast: Are you a FoodTalk Winner?

First things first, if you haven’t heard about the FoodTalk Awards yet then you need to listen to this podcast as a matter of urgency. Are you a free-from pioneer? A gourmet guerrilla? Are you making something bonkers but brilliant? Maybe you’re outside the box when it comes to packaging? You might even be a fabulous Fanny! Listen to Sue explain all, but visit the website for more info too: www.foodtalkawards.com

Our awards night is part of London Tech Week in June so we invited Gabby MacSweeney over to the studio to tell us all about why the week is so important and what to look out for.

The weather’s warmed up a little bit this week, so it seemed right to get in a summery mood. What’s best to put a spring in your step? Cocktails, of course. Sue hosted some of the FoodTalk staff at her house to discuss their favourite cocktails and how to make them.

Moving on from lovely cocktails, our last conversation required some stronger stomachs. Insect diets have become more and more popular in the last couple of years. Being the fun guys that we are in the office, we decided to set our Social Media man Harry on the case to try the diet for a week. Would you be able to do it? Listen to the interview and let us know.


This June The FoodTalk Show will be hosting the The FoodTalk Awards as part of London Tech Week. If you’re a blogger or work on anything innovative in food tech then you need to be in it to win it! Entries are open so get involved now!