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First Automous Drones, Now Driverless Tractors

CNH Industrial, a leader in large industrial vehicles, has given a public preview of their new autonomous tractor technology at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, USA.

A Coffee Cup That Fits In Your Pocket

The Pokito cup, designed and manufactured in England, is a new ultra-portable, durable and environmentally friendly cup designed for hot drinks on the go.

The Plant based BBQ challenge

What are the best plant based bbq foods for vegans, vegetarians or those looking to reduce their meat consumption? Find out in the latest challenge update.

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The Plant Based Lunch Challenge

Discover the options available for plant-based lunches and how they fare when put to the test. Surprisingly there are more than you might think.

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The Plant-Based Burger with the Beefy Taste

Those seeking a plant-based burger alternative have been largely unimpressed. The Impossible Burger is here to change all of that.

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