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Costa Coffee Nails Coffee Cup Recycling and Reuse

Costa Coffee are hoping to recycle 30 million takeway cups each year across the UK as part of their new coffee cup recycling and reuse initiative.

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The Future of Farmers’ Markets

Discover what's in store for the future of farmers' markets and chat to your foodie friends about how we can all support local sustainable farming.

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Food Security Technology in Developing Nations

Discover three simple technologies that provide effective solutions to combat issues related to food security and potable water in developing nations.

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Is Organic Produce Worth a Premium Price?

Organic produce often commands a premium price. Here are four factors to consider when deciding whether or not it’s worth it.

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What Does Food Sustainability Really Mean?

Food sustainability is not just about food. Learn the five factors that contribute to food sustainability so you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Why Changing Food Habits Is So Hard

Learn how both history and science have played a large part in establishing the basis of our habits and the simple ways for changing food habits

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Does Your Steak Come From A Live Export?

Learn why live exports exist, the animal welfare controversy it can cause and the driving forces behind the global live export practises.

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What Is ‘Big Food’ and Why Do We Care?

Big Food is a term used a lot in the media. Discover it's real meaning, why it's given such a hard time, why you should care and what you can do about it.

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The Rise of Supermarkets: How Did We Get Here?

Discover how shopping has changed from numerous different independent local stores to mass food production and the convenience of supermarkets.

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5 Food Hacks To Beat The Winter Blues

Five simple food hacks that will keep you in high spirits and ensure you body is prepared to power through the winter months.

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The Future of Restaurants Is Here

Learn about the future of technology in restaurants and chat to your foodie friends about what makes food and technology the perfect mix.

Plastic Patrol: Cleaning up Britain’s Beaches

Discover how a number of environmentally conscious experts are working to clean up Britain’s beaches of plastic waste and encourage less plastic usage.

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