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Podcast: Sweet Superfood Surprise

On this week's FoodTalk podcast, Guy and Steve talk to Ed and Rich from Doisy & Dam, Clare & Sebastien from Create a Cabin and Vicky from The Coconut Co.

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The Future of Protein

Should we worried about the future of protein? Discover the new alternatives hitting the market and the options available for choosing sustainable proteins.

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Podcast: The Pitta Patta of Ugly Drinks

On this week's episode of the Food Talk Show Lucy and Guy talk to Sophie from Soffle's Pitta Chips, Simon from Baker's Bicycle and Joe from Ugly Drinks.

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Podcast: Are You Using Your Noodle?

On this week's podcast Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge talk food with Mr Lee's Noodles, Barracudos protein water and William Reed Business Media

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Podcast: Fix Your Biology with Pudology

On this week's podcast Sue and Guy chat about Tech City Ventures, Hollowshore Fisheries and gluten and dairy free desserts from Pudology.

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Vertical Farming and Fish Make Great Salad Greens

Discover the UK’s first commercial scale aquaponic farm that uses innovative vertical farming techniques and hydroponics to produce fish, salads and herbs.

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Podcast: Sue Talks Testicles

This show offers nothing if not variety. Testicles, boozy sweets, alcohol-free beer and some fascinating research from Great British Chefs.

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Bittersweet: The Future of Fairtrade Chocolate

As artisan chocolate houses claim certification doesn’t suit and big chocolate guns launch in-house programmes, what happens to the humble Fairtrade logo?

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Podcast: Are you a FoodTalk Winner?

The FoodTalk Awards, delicious cocktails, London Tech Week and insect diets are all topics on this week's show hosted by Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge.

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Food Startup Networking & Social Meetup

Meet, mingle and connect with like-minded people interested in or running food startups. Unleash your foodie side and make new friends.

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