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Demand For Food Banks Increases

Demand for food banks is on the rise. Donations from companies looking to reduce food waste can help. But what happens when food waste levels decline?

5 Tips To Help You Eat Less Meat

Are you looking to eat less meat but don't know where to start? Here's five simple tips that you can use straight away to reduce the amount of meat you eat.

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Reimagine Food Debut In The USA

Reimagine Food has opened an office in Washington D.C. to make its debut in the USA market, focusing on developing the Smart Food Cities project.

A Film All About Bugs

This year’s Nordic-Baltic film festival is kicking off with a sustainable-food documentary by acclaimed Danish documentary filmmaker Andreas Johnsen.

The Food Rush on The Radio

Listen to the Food Talk podcast where we shared future of food stories, including naked dining, 3d printing, coffee pods and the future of meat.

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