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Podcast: Sue Talks Testicles

This show offers nothing if not variety. Testicles, boozy sweets, alcohol-free beer and some fascinating research from Great British Chefs.

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Bittersweet: The Future of Fairtrade Chocolate

As artisan chocolate houses claim certification doesn’t suit and big chocolate guns launch in-house programmes, what happens to the humble Fairtrade logo?

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Podcast: Are you a FoodTalk Winner?

The FoodTalk Awards, delicious cocktails, London Tech Week and insect diets are all topics on this week's show hosted by Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge.

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Food Startup Networking & Social Meetup

Meet, mingle and connect with like-minded people interested in or running food startups. Unleash your foodie side and make new friends.

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Podcast: Cheerfy up, we know what you want

Variety is the spice of life and we had plenty of it this week in the Food Talk studio. Listen to chats with Cheerfy, Pasta Remoli and Virtue Drinks.

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Fuelled By Coffee

Discover the biofuel revolution taking place with waste coffee grounds across the country. Could your caffeine habit do some good in the world?

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Podcast: Splendid stories and making your mark

In this week's podcast we chat to Helen from Food Stories, Charlie from Moju drinks and Solveiga from Bump Mark about all things food and innovation.

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Costa Coffee Nails Coffee Cup Recycling and Reuse

Costa Coffee are hoping to recycle 30 million takeway cups each year across the UK as part of their new coffee cup recycling and reuse initiative.

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The Future of Farmers’ Markets

Discover what's in store for the future of farmers' markets and chat to your foodie friends about how we can all support local sustainable farming.

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Food Security Technology in Developing Nations

Discover three simple technologies that provide effective solutions to combat issues related to food security and potable water in developing nations.

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Is Organic Produce Worth a Premium Price?

Organic produce often commands a premium price. Here are four factors to consider when deciding whether or not it’s worth it.

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What Does Food Sustainability Really Mean?

Food sustainability is not just about food. Learn the five factors that contribute to food sustainability so you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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